Posted by: Lazy Jack | October 20, 2008

Obama: The Uber Bush

His speech may have been stirring, but will he be great? Since it appears he is nearly anointed, if Barak Obama truly desires to govern like the great democrats he should emulate…

…George W. Bush. Yes, you read it right. Since it is widely assumed the Obamacrats will arrive in the White House, we should consider what makes a democrat great. GWB is arguably the greatest democrat to occupy the oval office since 1920. The last six democrats to inhabit the oval office are: Roosevelt 2.0, Harry S., Kennedy-Johnson, Carter, and Clinton. Three we consider great are Roosevelt, Truman, and KenJo. Sorry Jimmy and Bill, but you were likeable placeholders.

So, what are the characteristics of the three greats? First, they each picked a fight. Roosevelt 2.0 led us into WWII. Harry S. fought the red menace on the Korean Peninsula. And of course Kennedy put his toe in the water in Indochina and when he died Johnson decided it was a hot tub, got naked, and dove in.

Second, each decided that government was more important than individual liberty. Their version of government could do it all, and you must therefore contribute money in the form of taxes so the government could nurture you. In other words, each spent money like drunken sailors.

With Roosevelt 2.0 we got the Ponzi scheme called Social Security and hundreds of other government spending initiatives. With Truman we got the Marshal Plan, the UN, NATO, and the “Fair Deal”; including more money for welfare, social security, and a tilt toward universal healthcare. With KenJo we got the Great Society and Medicare. Each man led stunning rates of expansion in government spending, “redistributed” wealth, and left future generations with potentially ruinous liabilities. The path to hell is paved with…… Well, you know. In the U.S. your total State, Local, Federal, and Social Entitlement tax burden was 9.5% of GDP in 1929 and is approaching 30% today.

Third, each of these three statesmen chipped away at the citizenry’s individual rights in the name of national security. Roosevelt, among other things, interned Japanese Americans and tried to pack the Supreme Court. Harry Truman signed the National Security Act in 1947. Johnson presided over the largest collection of CIA dirty tricks before or since (Oh, and he spied on all the civil rights leaders).

So, in order to be considered a Great Democratic President one has to do three things: 1) Pick a fight, 2) Spend like a Hilton sister, especially on entitlements and social programs, and 3) Infringe on your rights.

George W. Bush did not start the current war, but he opened up the front in Iraq. He signed the Patriot act that expanded somewhat the powers endowed to the executive branch in Truman’s National Security Act. He signed an increase in Medicare spending so large even Teddy Kennedy blushed. GWB spends more money as a percent of GDP for Social Security, Education, Health, and Medicare (and less on defense, despite the war) than any of the above mentioned Democrats. These are clear facts available to anyone willing to read the public numbers. George W. Bush is one heck of a role model for any Democrat.

Why, then, do the left and the media hate him so? His outright religiosity? The fact that they did not get to pick the current fight? His dubious oratory skill? Or, that he (yikes!!!) cut taxes? The answer is envy. With the exception of the tax cuts, the US got the Al Gore Presidency without the DNC getting the credit. So when you Americans vote in November, expect little to change except the change remaining in your pocket.

© Edward Hunter and Thanks for the Laughs, 2009


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