Posted by: Lazy Jack | April 7, 2010

Tom Friedman: Making the World Safe for Flat Earthers.

Tommy Says Government Healthcare is Awesome, Taxes are Good, and the Earth is Flat.

Thomas Friedman wrote the following missive at the New York Times this week:

Tom Friedman: Flat Earth Genius

After reminding us that Republicans are the party of NO, Tommy then goes on to tell us how we must build bridges to “get things done.” Apparently, he never read the Federalist Papers or the Constitution, so he can be forgiven if he is unaware that our government was designed to be limited in order to limit government sponsored mischief.

I am delighted to see that Tommy, like his progressive ideology, has ceased to evolve. He is absolutely content to use outdated canards and ideas that were ossified twenty years before I was born. For example, he implies that the Republicans have a Wall Street wing without, of course, highlighting the fact that you can’t turn around in the Obama administration without tripping over an investment banker (as he or she feeds a pet union boss).

And, though he is busy talking in modern MBA newspeak (Newocrat, E.T.), it is apparent that he has given almost zero critical thought to his subject. For example, as he lauds the president for trying to encourage an evolution in our industry (perhaps another Nobel for ‘effort’ is on the way), he fails to point out how channeling greater than 40% of GDP through government (if one includes state, local, federal, and federal deficit spending), is going to do that. He also fails to point out how alienating recent (India) and long term (Britain, Canada, Japan, Germany) allies will help us become competitive in the world economy.

Perhaps, as we get to know how awful is the healthcare indenture, those citizens that are not indelibly progressive will begin to understand that Tom’s progressive script is not only unoriginal, but actually has an affect opposite his claims. For example, average annual GDP growth slowed by a significant factor after the last wave of New Dealish entitlement in the 1960’s.

See this post for the back of the napkin analysis.

In other words, we enacted Medicare and Medicaid and became a poorer nation over the ensuing 40 years. I shudder to think how poor we would have become without the revolution in computing technology.

But, let Tommy sing his lullaby of newspeaky, flat-earthy platitudes. The rest of us have work to do cleaning up his and this administration’s mess.

Thanks for the laughs, Thomas. Your world is indeed flat.

Lazy Jack

© Edward Hunter and Thanks for the Laughs, 2010



  1. Lazy Jack…
    Thanks for the link on BJ comment section…
    you are quite perceptive and on the money when it comes to this little troll “Tommy”….
    He and his ilk at the NYT, are the true “Flat Earthers”…
    They are so blinded by idiology, they fail to see that without a vibrant and productive private sector, their dreams of that really big gov’ment, is nothing more then a crack pipe dream…..

  2. great post…

    perhaps, if we could take an optimistic slant, we could put flat earther groups out to sea… and we’d be rid of their nonsensical viewpoints because of course they’d fall off the earth… right?

    just a helpful suggestion 😉

  3. Dear India, Britain, Canada, Japan and Germany,

    Can you guys wait for us? We’ll be back in 2 1/2 years.

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